This Week In The NBA: Thompson Supreme

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 3, 2018

On Klay Thompson

Prior to Monday night’s game, Klay Thompson had recorded five 3-point shots this season.

By the end of Monday night’s game, he had a total of 17 total for the season.

Yes, Klay Thompson made 14 3-point shots in. a. single. game. breaking Steph Curry’s previous record of 13 in 2016 at the same time.

Not familiar with Klay Thompson?

This quote from this GQ article explains everything that is Klay Thompson perfectly:

“Klay’s saved the Warriors dynasty single-handedly at least twice. He has nothing left to prove. All he has to do is chill and live his best life. He’s not the team’s Favorite Son (Steph), or its Heart and Soul (Draymond), or even it’s Get Out of Jail Free Card (Durant). He’s just Klay. Defend well, get open, shoot often, stay emotionless. That’s the Klay Thompson Experience.”

Cleveland Rocks

Weeeelllll. Actually, the Cavaliers are off to a pretty awful start. As of Monday, when they fired their coach, they were 0-6.


Everyone knew that the Cavs were not going to be the same team without LeBron, but 0-6? Trying to stop the bleed, management decided to let head coach Tyronn Lue go. Surprising? Considering that the Cavaliers went to three straight NBA Finals, including the 2016 NBA championship, under Lue, yeah, I would say surprising, but more like wrong. Just wrong. LA Clippers Coach Doc Rivers think’s it was wrong, too

“I think it’s awful. I think what it shows you is, you know — go to the Finals, win it. Go to the Finals three years in a row, and then you come back and get fired. You know, it makes no sense. It’s the ugly part of our game.” -Doc Rivers

Apparently the reason for Lue’s firing was a result of a disagreement between him and management who wanted to see Lue play more of the Cavaliers’ younger players.

On A Different Note: City Edition Alternate Jerseys

The NBA and Nike are collaborating once again to create city edition alternate jerseys for each team. Three of my favs include:

The 76ers…although, at first glance I did think it looked more like a Team USA uniform…


The Denver Nuggets going for their rainbow look…love it

But this. This I love.

Image Source: USA Today

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