Buzz Bulletin: Always Tip Your Uber Drivers

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: November 8, 2018

If you take away one thing from today’s Buzz Bulletin, let it be this: always tip your service industry workers.

Several members of the Ottawa Senators reportedly made the mistake of stiffing their driver back in October, and it came back to bite them in a big way this week. A video leaked to the Ottawa Citizen shows several of the team’s younger players badmouthing their own coaching staff.

The group was especially critical of assistant coach Martin Raymond, questioning his effectiveness and coaching methods. At one point in the video, Matt Duchene shows no mercy, calling Raymond out as “the only coach in NHL history to have the worst power-play and the worst PK (penalty kill) within a calendar year.”

After a period of laughter and agreement among the players, Duchene is heard saying, “Here’s the other thing, too. We don’t change anything, ever. So why do we even have a meeting? I haven’t paid attention in three weeks.”


Both the Senators organization and the players involved have released statements addressing the issue, which has been handled by the team internally. Though the general consensus seems to be that the incident is water under the proverbial bridge, you have to imagine that the locker room was just a tad bit tense for a little while.

P.K. Subban Doesn’t Mince His Words

Speaking of hockey drama, I wouldn’t want to be on P.K. Subban’s bad side.

The Preds’ defenseman had some choice words for Colorado’s Nikita Zadorov on Wednesday, and a nearby mic picked up every word in the background of the TV broadcast. The clip has NSFW language, but damn, Subban cuts to the quick.


“You know what? I’m a p***y. You’re right. I wouldn’t fight you. But you’re a terrible hockey player. It’s painful for me to watch. F*ck, you’re horrible.”

Athletes Got Their Vote On

A slew of past and present sports stars joined the rest of us in line to vote on Tuesday. Here are a few “I voted” selfies they shared:

We at Sports Are From Venus are all big fans of their enthusiasm for voting!

A Dose of Adorable

NFL analyst Ian Rappaport had some on-air assistance from his son Jude yesterday, and it’s hilarious and precious.

The faces he makes at the camera. I just can’t.

Media credit: Giphy, Ottawa Citizen

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