On The State of The Lakers

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 8, 2018

Folks, the Cavs are a mess. I mentioned last week that the team fired their head coach as a result of their 0-6 start. As of Monday, they were 1-8. Now, here’s the thing – everyone knew the Cavs were going to be a mess without LeBron. The same thing happened the last time King James left. They need time to adjust.

Ok, make sense.

But, were we expecting the Lakers to be off to a messy start too? I mean, they have the King on their court (sorry, couldn’t resist). When compared to the Cavs, the Lakers are off to a slightly better start at 4-6, but shouldn’t they be 10-0? At least that is what I thought until I considered some feedback on twitter from SAFV NFL writer Tom Capo (@tomcapo57):

Also, remember that LeBron doesn’t integrate into offenses immediately. Both Miami and Cleveland underwhelmed when he first arrived. (Translation: other players need to be reminded a few times that he makes all the decisions and that they no longer matter).

Again, makes sense!

But here are a few other things to consider:

  • The Lakers defense is horrible. For a great example, take a look for highlights from Monday night’s game against the Raptors. Hint: The Lakers played the worst first quarter in the team’s history. Many have been wondering if it’s a lack of energy or talent causing their defensive woes. Both seems like the right answer. The good news is that the team brought in center Tyson Chandler to help with the interior defense and rebounding.
  • Yes, the offense needs time to get to know each other…but will time heal all of the Lakers’ woes? The fact of the matter is, the team did not surround James with other superstar players like Miami did. No, instead, the Lakers renounced Julius Randle (freeing up over $11 million in salary cap), and brought in a few veteran players on…wait for it…one-year deals. What’s the point? Looking around, it seems as if Lakers front office is looking to build up their young players and freeing up a ton of cap space to continue building next season. BUT! Have you seen LeBron play this season? I don’t want to sound all negative Nelly here, but…he’s looking a bit sluggish! Of course, the entire offense looks sluggish, but LeBron is 34. Why waste a season with LeBron on your court by not surrounding him with players who can…well…who can shoot?

Magic Johnson, president, is rumored to be a bit…upset (shall we say?) with head coach Luke Walton. Apparently, Johnson expects the offense to be more in sync with each other and Walton is on the “hot seat” as a result.  And yes, Johnson did come out and say Walton’s job is safe but…as someone tweeted to our Laker’s conversation said, Johnson had to come out and say that.

So, what do you think? Will the offense mesh eventually soon or will Walton end up paying the price for poor offseason moves?

Image source: Yahoo! Sports

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