Televised All-Star Draft

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 8, 2018

The NBA will be televising their second annual All-Star Draft.

We may remember the NBA’s debut of the All-Star Draft last year, where the top two players with the most votes picked teams from the pool of voted All-Stars. Hypothetically, this was done to make the game more interesting and mix up the conference pools.

Imagine this: you’re in the 6th grade. Your gym teacher appoints you as the captain of your kickball team. You obviously pick the other kids who are good at kickball, a few more generally athletic kids, and maybe a friend or two. The few kids left at the end look really sad and you have a hard time choosing who to pick. Talk about pressure and embarrassment…However, the pressure is on even more now, because the whole thing is televised, making the selection process even more petty. The NBA adopted this playground style draft and they’re televising it now.

Last February, you may remember my article regarding my criticisms of All-Star break. Remember when I literally said, ahem, “Many media outlets try to push forward coverage in what I’m guessing is an attempt to get more NBA fans interested”?  Hold on, this exactly correlates with the televising of the draft. The fact that we are already excited and talking about the All-Star game this early is a little crazy. The fact that we are talking about the draft IS crazy. The fact that we are getting excited for televising it is absolutely NUTS!

I agree with Carmelo Anthony (10-time All-Star and member of the NBPA’s executive committee)

“I don’t think you should televise that…guys are going to be mad and friendships come into play.”

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