This Week In The NBA: New Refs, A Legend Continues His Decent, and an On-Court Spat

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 18, 2018

Ashley Moyer-Gleich & Natalie Sago…?

Who are Ashley Moyer-Gleich and Natalie Sago? They’re both former NCAA players who are now full time NBA refs! Moyer-Gleich and Sago were promoted by the NBA earlier this week and are only the fourth and fifth women to be promoted as full-time NBA refs in league history! Even better, Sago will join her father who has been an NBA ref for over thirty years!

Carmelo Anthony

Much to the surprise of….well, probably no one, the Houston Rockets announced this week that the team will be parting ways with Carmelo Anthony. Houston acquired Anthony via free agency but he only played ten regular season games for the team. So…it seems as if the writing has been on the wall for a few weeks now? It has and there is a hint of that in Nina’s piece on Anthony’s role vs. his desire in mid-October.

Like I said, no one is surprised by the announcement. What is surprising though, is the fact that GM Daryl Morey stated that there is no time line on exactly when Anthony will be waived. Apparently the team is allowing Anthony’s reps to explore options over the next few days. Nice gesture, yes? But here’s my question…is there anywhere else this 34-year old former Superstar can go or is it time to hang things up?

It’s not just me…

You know, I was saying to myself (as I do) the other day that the NBA is really exciting to watch this season.  Turns out, I’m not the only thinking this way and apparently, it all has to do with teams blowing leads

On Draymond Green’s “spat” with Kevin Durant

What’s the first rule of fight club? Don’t talk about fight club, duh. What’s the second rule?  Don’t talk about fight club. Again, duh. For the sake of this post, though, let’s say the second rule of the NBA’s fight club is to keep it off the court.

Ok, what, exactly,  am I talking about? I’m talking about Monday night’s “spat” between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.  Yeah.

That “spat” cost Green a game check as he was suspended one game by the team.

When speaking with the press on Thursday, Green refused to apologize for the incident and instead reminded everyone that he is an emotional player.

“I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I play with that same emotion. Sometimes they get the best of me. And (if) it doesn’t work to my favor I’m going to live with that.”

While Green was expressing his emotions, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was trying to assure everyone that Green and Durant have spoken to each other since the incident and that he is confident that the team will get past this incident. However. On Saturday, Kerr announced that the team has decided to give Green some time off, indefinitely. For a sprained toe. While Green has been dealing with a toe injury…no one is really buying that this injury requires an “indefinite” amount of time off. With Steph Curry out, Green is going to be a huge loss. Huge.

Image Source: USA Today

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