Rookie Report: Offense Week 12 – Nick Chubb

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: November 30, 2018

Because most rookies don’t get enough credit, we’ll be highlighting some top performances by the NFL’s next generation.

Offense: Week 12

Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns
It’s hard to imagine that Nick Chubb and Patriots rookie running back Sony Michel shared the running back duties while at Georgia, but that’s exactly what happened. What’s harder to believe is that the Browns used their FOURTH pick in this year’s draft to get him. Granted, the Browns picked him at 35 th overall, so he really graded out as a late first rounder. (Yes, the Browns picked four times in the first 35 picks. Check it if you don’t believe me.) This week, Chubb helped the Brown to an easy victory with two touchdowns and 128 combined yards from scrimmage. He was used as both a runner and a receiver by the Browns and the results kept the Bengals off balance for the entire game. At 5’11”, 227lbs, he isn’t easy to tackle in open space. If he gets going downhill, he can truck linebackers that get caught flat footed. That’s not surprising for a back of his build and skill set. What was surprising this week was his touch as a receiver, catching a 14-yard touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield behind his defender’s back and lifting it over his head before securing the ball for the catch. The score put the Browns up 28-0 before halftime, securing their fourth win of the season.

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