They Got a Big Ego

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 4, 2018

The Boston Celtics are 13-10 and 6th in the Eastern Conference. You heard it right, a winning record, and a better standing than 9 teams in the conference.

Things were really looking tough for the Celtics mid November when they lost to the Jazz (11/17), Hornets (11/19), then the Knicks (11/21). On Friday 11/23, the Celtics beat the Hawks 114-96, but then fell to the Mavs 113-104 the next day. A win streak finally fired up late November when the beat the Pelicans (11/26), Cavs (11/30), and the Timberwolves (12/1).

The Celtics play the Knicks this Thursday (12/6) and the Bulls this Saturday (12/8). The Knicks sit 12th in the Eastern Conference and have 8 wins and 17 losses. Similarly, the Bulls sit at 14th with a terrible 5-19. They should win both games.

So, what’s changed? It would be proper to look at FG%, 3P%, etc., but I want to focus on some statements Kyrie Irving made after the C’s Saturday win in Minnesota, this one in particular:

“Someone told me the other day that we all wanted to win individually, but we all wanted to win on our terms. Our own terms. When you have your own individual intent, that can get in the way of the group and what’s best for the group…It’s just being part of a profession and figuring it out, and having guys willing to listen and be patient.”

CelticsWire commented that it’s hard to admit that the 15 players in the NBA locker room, or in this case the Celtics locker room, are 15 separate business entities that have to look out for their own personal interests. Let’s break it down here: Terry Rozier has an impending free agency, Jayson Tatum is trying to be recognized as an upcoming, promising young player. Jaylen Brown is fighting his way into rotation and Gordon Hayward is working his way back to the court.

ALSO- Congrats to Gordon Hayward who became the first NBA player to come off the bench and record 30+ points, 9+ rebounds and 8+ assists in a single game since Detlef Schrempf on February 13, 1993

How do you feel about the C’s right now?

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