This Week In The NBA: The 76ers Love Butler, Washington Needs Help, and Regarding the Warriors…

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 4, 2018

Well, it looks like the chance the 76ers took on Jimmy Butler a few weeks ago seems to be working out extremely well for them. He’s making a huge impact. In fact, he has managed to make two game-winning triples since being traded. Since adding Butler to their lineup, the 76ers are 7-2. Not bad. But what makes the Butler trade even better for the team is the fact that Butler has yet to be fully integrated into the 76er’s system.  Yes, he’s playing and like I said, making an impact, but he’s only averaging 17.8 points and playing a little over 30 minutes per game. Butler can certainly be contributing more, and he will…but for now, the 76ers are taking it slow and it’s working out just fine.

On the flip side of things are the Washington Wizards who could use a little wizardry to help turn their season around. As of this morning, the Wizards are 9-14, 2-9 on the road. Here’s a little more context for you – the only other team worse than the Wizards are the Cavs.

So, what’s their problem? It is so very very simple, their defense. Their defense stinks. Apparently there is trouble between the locker room and front office as well, but their woes started long before those rumors.  Fixing their defensive woes may require casting a spell (#sorrynotsorry) on their big money players and sending them elsewhere…

Re: Warriors

Roughly…three weeks ago, give or take, the Warriors were embroiled in controversy surrounding Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. You know, when Green told Durant, “we don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.” It seemed like everyone was in agreement with what Green said, not necessarily in the way he said it, but the words were true in many minds. But here’s the thing, since Steph Curry has been sidelines, Durant has been killing it. Without Durant, the Warriors may not have weather the loss of Curry as well as they did. The San Francisco Chronicle has a fantastic piece on exactly why the Warriors needed Durant these last few weeks…and in my opinion, why they’ll need him in the future, too.

Image Source: AP

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