Buzz Bulletin: A Bad Week for Washington

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: December 6, 2018

It’s not a good time to be a football fan in Washington.

In a string of ridiculously unlucky incidents, the team lost their first and second string quarterbacks to broken legs (both sustained on live television). Alex Smith was the first to fall back on November 18th, with an injury that bore a lot of eerie similarities to the gruesome compound fracture that ended Joe Theismann’s career in 1985.

Unfortunately for Washington, that was just the beginning of their quarterback woes.

This weekend, backup QB Colt McCoy snapped his lower leg in a freak accident during his first quarter against the Eagles. Impressively, McCoy went on to make two more plays before he was taken out of the game after the incident. McCoy even roomed next to Smith during the one night he spent in the hospital.

That raises the question–it’s been three weeks since his injury. What is Alex Smith still doing in the hospital?

According to sources, Smith is facing some serious complications following multiple surgeries on his leg to repair his broken bone. This has resulted in an infection that has been called “devastating,” and could require reconstruction of his leg in the aftermath.

We at Sports Are From Venus send both Smith and McCoy our best wishes.

In the meantime, former Jets QB Mark Sanchez will take over in the pocket for Washington.

Speaking of Sanchez

Kudos to Mark Sanchez for being a good sport about the infamous 2012 butt fumble.

For the uninitiated, the Butt Fumble lives in infamy as one of the worst plays the NFL has ever seen. The kicker: it took place on Thanksgiving Day, during a primetime game in which about 20 million people watched Sanchez’s Jets lose to the Patriots.

It never gets old for us, but Mark Sanchez is unlikely to agree.

However, he handled himself like a champ during Thursday’s press conference, in which a reporter asked him to reflect on the play.

Sanchez is hilarious and all, but we’re not about to ink his jersey on our bodies or anything. Just saying.


Gritty is Magic

You guys, Gritty can do no wrong.

The Flyers’ orange mascot/cultural icon took a half-court shot during halftime of last week’s MSU-Rutgers game, and it was straight money.


How does Gritty manage to slay so hard? What secrets does he hide within his wild thicket of orange fur?


Nelly Shoots His Shot

We still don’t know what uniform Bryce Harper will wear on MLB opening day, but the most coveted free agent in baseball will be suiting up in red and white if rapper Nelly has his way.



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