Kawhi Leonard (Haha)

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 6, 2018

I’ve gotten multiple inquiries on why I haven’t covered this topic, so here we go:

Popular sports brands, Go:



Under Armour


Maybe Reebok, maybe Puma

…New Balance?

Well…yea, apparently New Balance. They’ve signed Kawhi Leonard, arguably the second best player in the NBA (#1 as LeBron James).

Despite his skills on the court, NBA fans love to roast poor Kawhi. He does have an oddly robotic sounding laugh, and a weird, overly involved “helicopter parent” uncle who puts his nose in Kawhi’s business. So, natural instinct for many was to make fun of the star when he signed a multi-year shoe endorsement with New Balance. I don’t want to hurt any feelings out there, but NB brand is known for being especially bland- especially in comparison to flashy, more colorful brands (think Nike, Jordan). However, the low-key,neutral NB aesthetic fits Kawhi very well. He’s known for his skills on the court, but his personality isn’t quite in the spotlight. Get a glimpse of his awkwardness here.

Kawhi and his Raptors are 21-5 and on fire. They’re first in the Eastern Conference. Last night, Leonard has 36 points and 9 rebounds in 35 minutes of play. In his 20 games this season, his field goal percentage is 49% and his 3 point percentage is 36%. He averages 26 points per game. Dude’s a beast.

Image via Sneaker News.

Just to clarify: no hate here. I’m a huge Klaw fan.

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