Game Day Outfit: Cold Weather Games

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 9, 2018

Here’s the thing. I love winter. I know I’m pretty much alone in this, that’s ok. I absolutely love the cold and when given the opportunity to attend an NFL game, I’m certainly picking a winter game over a late summer/early fall game. Yes, really! But, here’s the thing. To really enjoy a winter game, you have to dress appropriately, especially in certain areas of the country *coughGreenBaycough* *coughBuffalocough* In these areas, taking the fashion over function approach can be dangerous. Take it from a girl that once did take the fashion over function approach…let’s just say it did not go well

So, here’s my approach to a practical game day outfit for a cold weather game. First, you need a good shoe. A warm shoe. The Ugg Benson Boot fits this bill perfectly. You’ll also need a…a thermal shirt. I know, they’re not glamorous, but in certain situations, they’re the key to any chance at warmth. Don’t stress too much about the thermal shirt, though. No one will see it because it’ll be underneath something more pleasing to look at, like the Packers Raglan Laced Hoodie and a big warm coat Down Coat!

Now, this is where I start slipping back into the fashion over function mind set. I prefer jeans and will not consider snow pants. I just…I can’t. Jeans may be enough on most days but when they’re not, I’ll go with a pair of thermal pants and a pair of boyfriend jeans instead of skinny jeans. “Won’t the boyfriend jeans clash with the boots?” Not with a pair of nice Ugg fleece socks! Finally, you cannot go without a hat, scarf, and gloves, such as the Packers Meeko Cuff Knit Hat and Packers scarf and gloves.

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