Celtics Notebook 1/15, #10YearChallenge, Vote Celtics

By: Colleen B
Posted: January 15, 2019

Current Status

Okay, so I did the thing where I wrote an article and predicted the outcome of a game and I was terribly wrong. In this case, though, it was a good thing. We do want the Celtics to do well, after all.

I wasn’t entirely wrong, though. Celtics fans are probably disappointed right now. They lost to the Heat 115-99 on Thursday, los to the Magic 105-103 on Saturday, and they lost last night to the Nets 109-102. Their next match-up is against the Raptors tomorrow at 8:00pm. A win for the Raptors would solidify their lead in the Eastern Conference. A win for the Celtics would just keep them in 5th place in the Eastern Conference.   

Christian Jope of WSN wrote:

The Boston Celtics had seemed to have found their rhythm before they started their three-game road trip. After being blown out by the Heat then failing to execute against the Magic, the Celtics are searching for answers before they take on the Raptors.

Read more of his comparison of the Raptors and the Celtics here.


Have you heard of the #10YearChallenge?

The internet craze includes taking an old Facebook profile picture, or a picture from 10 years ago, and putting it side by side with a current Facebook profile picture, or just a current picture. The Boston Celtics participated, jokingly posting a picture of Jayson Tatum with his idol LeBron James on the left, and a “current” picture of Tatum dunking on James:


Vote Celtics

Finally, VOTE CELTICS here.

Once you click the link, use the “All Teams” drop down to chose “Boston Celtics”. Pick three frontcourt players and two guards from each conference by clicking the “vote” button. to change your pick, click the “remove” button.

The organization of the page is a little confusing. The players are listed alphabetically by last name vertically- A is at the top and you can scroll down to get to Z. For players who share the same first letter of their last name, such as Aron Baynes and Jaylen Brown, the players are listed side by side, horizontally. Under the player’s name, it says EAST/BOS/Guard or EAST/BOS/Frontcourt. This helps with keeping track in choosing the 3 frontcourt players and 2 guards. Once you pick 2 guards, the other guards will become void. Remove your vote to change your vote to another player. The same goes for frontcourt selection.

Once you are done, feel free to select players in the West! Sort by name, points, rebounds, assists, or fantasy points.

My selections included Irving, Rozier III, Tatum, Ojeleye, and Morris from the Celtics for the East. 


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