On Again Off Again

By: Colleen B
Posted: January 29, 2019

Are the C’s on again off again, and does it correlate with their home and away games?

Last year, the Celtics held their monstrous win streak for a while and us Celtics fans were very spoiled. This year, their winning habits have been far from organized- and nowhere near a large consecutive streak.

I looked at their record this month, starting with their Jan 2nd match up against the Timberwolves, and I initially thought it seemed like their W’s and L’s had been sprinkled in like salt and pepper. However, with the one exception of their epic match up with the Warriors (which I italicized as an exception), the Celtics seemed to have fall into this predictive pattern with a win streak then a lose streak. (P.S.-I’m surprised they won last night- they could have started a new lose streak)

Win 1/2 Timberwolves

Win 1/4 Mavericks

Win 1/7 Nets

Win 1/9 Pacers

Loss 1/10 Heat

Loss 1/12 Magic

Loss 1/14 Nets

Win 1/16 Raptors

Win 1/18 Grizzlies

Win 1/19 Hawks

Win 1/21 Heat

Win 1/23 Cavaliers

Loss 1/26 Warriors

Win 1/28 Nets

So…why? There are outside factors to consider here. The first thing I took an investigative peek at was their arena. Notice how there seems to be another pattern (exceptions italicized):

Home, Win 1/2 Timberwolves

Home,Win 1/4 Mavericks

Home, Win 1/7 Nets

Home, Win 1/9 Pacers

Away, Loss 1/10 Heat

Away, Loss 1/12 Magic

Away, Loss 1/14 Nets

Home, Win 1/16 Raptors

Home, Win  1/18 Grizzlies

Away, Win 1/19 Hawks

Home, Win 1/21 Heat

Home, Win 1/23 Cavaliers

Home, Loss 1/26 Warriors

Home, Win 1/28 Nets

Eh, okay. So what? Of course they play better at home. But this is my notebook. And the next thing I peeked at was the streaks of the other NBA teams.

Most of the teams are on win or loss streaks of 1,2, or 3 games, like the Celtics tend to follow. However, three major streaks stand out: the Knicks 10-game-lose streak and the Suns 8 game loss streaks, as well as the Warriors 11-game win streak.

Final Note: The Bloody Celtics

Marcus Morris, Gordon Hayward, and Marcus Smart (surprise surprise) all sustained bloody injuries leading to bandages and stitches in the locker room.

Smart and Hayward received medical attention in the locker room. Morris sustained his cut in the 4th.

Image by Newsday.

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