Three Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Super Bowl Party

By: Colleen B
Posted: January 29, 2019

If you caught my other party planning posts, you won’t be surprised by this: when hosting a game day party, even a Super Bowl party, I’m all about making things as simple as possible. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, though. Take a look at these three examples on how ‘simple’ can still be fun and…football festive.

1. Kraft Paper Table Cloth

I love love love this Kraft paper table cloth. I make one for every one of my game day parties. I love it because it’s super easy to make and doesn’t overwhelm the room like the traditional field table cloths you can find in practically every party store right now.

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2. 1st Down Balloon and Banner

Again, not overwhelming but on point!

3. Team Popcorn

This popcorn recipe that calls for team colors is a perfect, relatively inexpensive, way to add a little team spirit to your party. I’m not a fan of purchasing team specific supplies—paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.— because hello over priced items! So when I can stick to team colors such as m&ms and balloons to to show my Patriots/Rams pride, I’m all over it.

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I’ll be going with all three ideas on Sunday. What are your decorating ideas?

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