Buzz Bulletin: Celebration Highlights

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: February 9, 2019

So, in case you hadn’t heard, the Pats are having a pretty decent week.

After subjecting bored viewers to the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history (and also Adam Levine’s nipples), the team began what’s essentially amounted to their victory tour—and we’ve been loving every minute of it.

Let’s go over a couple of the Super Bowl/postgame highlights.

Vivian Brady

Tommy and Gisele’s little girl has won over even the most hardcore Patriot haters in the days since the big game.

She established her place in our collective hearts in her dad’s arms after watching him win his sixth championship. For a lot of viewers, she was the highlight of the entire evening.

She had this adorable interaction with Julian Edelman after the game, which was picked up by his in-game mic:

“JULES!!” So. Cute.

At Tuesday’s duck boat parade, she brought the very best sign:

And shared with the world her adorable nickname for Gronk:

You guys. MY HEART.

So in summation, Vivian Brady: lover of confetti, baby shade queen, very fond of Dad’s coworkers Jules and Gronky.

Julian Edelman

Speaking of Jules, the Super Bowl MVP seems to be enjoying himself.

On Monday, he jetted over to Orlando for a postgame Disney day with his QB, where the two checked out the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars exhibit set to open this fall.

On Friday, Jules stopped by the set of Ellen, where the legend herself shaved his bushy playoff beard for charity.

Much better.

Ellen is giving $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston for the privilege (?) of shearing Edelman’s mug, and he’s matching her donation.

Side Note: Josh Gordon

Word is that the Patriots have been paying for suspended receiver Josh Gordan’s rehab treatment. A classy move, and one that may prove beneficial on the field in the near future—Gordon may be eligible for reinstatement as soon as this spring.

Gordon played a big role in getting his team to the playoffs and will be receiving a championship ring. Here’s hoping that he’ll be able to continue progressing toward a healthy, substance-free lifestyle in time for next season.

Image source: USA Today

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