Celtics Notebook 2/12

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 12, 2019

No flow.

Hot mess.


What the %*$# is going on?

So, last Saturday, the Celtics got booed off the court after blowing a 28-point lead against the Clippers. Everyone. Was. Pissed.

Let’s backtrack. In my opinion, it all started with the crazy trade hype about Anthony Davis. The uneasiness of who would be sacrificed on the Celtics made the media and the Celtics go crazy. Is Jayson Tatum going to stay? Is Terry Rozier the key trade piece? Everyone went nuts.

(P.S. For more on AD, please read this article by The Ringer.)

Then, a few hours after the trade deadline on Thursday, the Celtics lost to the Lakers 129-128 with an ugly Rajon Rondo buzzer beater. Really, the Lakers? Come on.

Then, the horrible Clippers game happened Saturday night. Kyrie sprained his knee during this game and won’t be in the lineup tonight against the stacked Sixers. Honestly- it’ll get worse tonight- the Sixers looked fantastic Saturday in their 143-120 victory against the Lakers while the Celtics are over here literally drowning.

I know what you’re thinking- I AM usually wrong about blow-outs like this. So I have provided some evidence and a break-down of exactly what to expect tonight at 8:00pm.

Let’s try to continue with that great energy from last week and have a little bit of optimism for tongiht. Have a great Tuesday, Boston sports fans!

Image via USA Today.

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