Regarding the Real Issue Behind the Recent Robert Kraft News

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 26, 2019

  • Nail Salon
  • Trader Joes
  • Hospital Lobby
  • Gas Station
  • Starbucks
  • Pet Supply Store

What is this list, you are most likely asking? Well, dear readers, it is a list of all the places I went to this weekend where I overheard someone talking about the Robert Kraft…drama? Scandal? What should we call it?

Booty Gate.

For those who may have missed the news, Robert Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in Jupiter, Florida on Friday, February 22. According to the charges, Kraft was seen twice at a massage spa between January 19th and January 20th, AFC championship weekend.

So yes, everyone is talking about booty gate in Boston and I’m pretty sure all over New England. Most people are disappointed and disgusted with Kraft. Others? Others are not all that concerned or surprised by it because, “he is a man and he has needs.” I won’t lie, I raised an angry eyebrow at those folks but walked away in order to not cause a scene. However, when it came to the person who told me that not only did they not see the big deal, but no one got hurt so…why do people care so much? Well, that person got an angry earful from me in response to that comment.


Let me start by saying that yes, we can laugh and refer to the legal trouble Kraft has found himself in as “booty gate.” Absolutely. I did. I mean, Kraft is a well-known billionaire who decided to pay for sexual services at a spa in a strip mall instead of a more private location. A strip mall. Did Kraft not realize the odds of being caught were not in his favor? But here’s the deal. Here’s why I’m even talking about this here. We need to look beyond the public figure in this story and understand that the fact of the matter is, people were hurt. According to the police reports, the women working at the spa were lured to the United States from China and other countries with the promise of legit job opportunities. However once here, those job opportunities turned out to be nothing but a lie and instead, these women found themselves being forced to work as prostitutes. Folks, this is known as sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a HUGE problem right here in the United States, right under our noses. And it’s not just women from other countries being lured in. Our own children, sisters, friends, etc. are finding themselves being held against their will and being forced to work as prostitutes. Now, did Kraft know that he was supporting the trafficking of females when he paid for “services?” No one knows. But whether he knew or not, he did pay for services*  and as a result, he supported sex trafficking.

So don’t have sympathy for Kraft because he is a “widower with needs” who got caught. Don’t feel bad that he made a “poor choice” and as a result, his reputation is now in shambles. Regardless of his needs, Kraft is an adult and had an option to not do what he did. The women who provided the services to him, though? They didn’t have a choice. Have sympathy and concern for them. Don’t worry about how this is going to impact New England’s season. Worry about how this issue will only get worse unless we all start paying more attention and working to put an end to it.

*At least according to the police report. Kraft has denied these charges and is innocent until proven guilty. 

Image Source: AP Images

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