A Bunch of Bull

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 26, 2019

Initial reactions: Aggravated. Frustrated. Annoyed. How can this team take on the Raptors tonight?

If you watched the Celtics vs. Bulls game on Saturday 2/23 then you understand the title of this article. The Bulls are TRASH. So how did the Celtics lose 126-116?

Zach LaVine scored a high 42 accompanied by Lauri Markkanen with a high 35 for the Bulls. Robin Lopez showed out for 17 points. For the C’s, Kyrie Irving had a strong 37 points followed by Al Horford with 19 and Jaylen Brown with 14. The Celtics really lacked consistent defense needed to stop scoring. The Bulls went 28-of-43 from the restricted area (65.1%) and 40% from three on 30 attempts.

The Terry Rozier rumors started flying. Is he ever going to adjust to his role as a reserve? In his last five games, Terry Rozier has shot 28.9% from the field on 9.5 attempts. He also has the worst plus-minus (-9) and third-lowest net rating (-18) on the team.

Now, the C’s matchup tonight against the Raptors could be a nightmare. Whenever I write about the Celtics having a chance, they screw up, and vice versa. So I’m going to predict that they’re going to have another terrible performance so that hopefully there is a decent game tonight.

Image via Zimbio.

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