2019 Draft Needs Tracker: Cincinnati Bengals

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: February 28, 2019

With the draft looming a few short weeks away, teams are busy figuring out who can make their teams better. Here’s my take on what your team needs to do in the draft to take the next step.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals


1st Round: 11
2nd Round: 42
3rd Round: 73

So, here’s the thing. The Bengals have a plethora of needs, and not a ton of extra picks to swing and miss if they want to crawl back into the mix for the AFC North. They also aren’t ideally situated to grab their first choices at eleventh overall. I think the best use of that high, but not too high pick would be an immovable pass protector for Andy Dalton. While the Bengals were middle-of-the-pack in sacks allowed, we’ve seen the upside of Andy Dalton all but disappears when rushers are crowding him. If he’s going to be the guy in Cincinnati, they need to give him some help. They have the league’s fourth-leading rusher in Joe Mixon and a tremendous deep threat in A.J. Green. The missing element is time. If they don’t see the offensive lineman they like at eleven, I can see them trading back or going after a top-tier linebacker. I have a feeling that the better sideline to sideline tacklers will go fast in this draft, so I’d keep the pick and grab the guy that just jumps off the tape. Another option might be to pick a quarterback. I mean Andy Dalton hasn’t exactly shown himself to be an alpha dog, but he would still have considerable value on the trade market, as all starters do. I’m sure the Bengals could take some calls, but is this the draft to find your future QB1? I’m not so sure.

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