Buzz Bulletin: The Angels Aren’t Happy With Bryce Harper

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: March 6, 2019

Bryce Harper isn’t making any friends within the Los Angeles Angels organization this week.

Harper (whose signing with the Philadelphia Phillies was rudely announced just as I was putting the finishing touches on this article about the major contenders in the Harper sweepstakes) is displeasing some folks in the Angels administration by making it fully known that he intends to pursue Trout in the hopes of luring him to Philly. Trout is set to be the belle of the free agent market following next season, and Harper is already courting the two-time American League MVP on his new team’s behalf.


The Angels are rightfully pissed about this, and they’ve contacted the MLB to complain. Harper will likely get a tampering fine for mentioning Trout by name, but it doesn’t look like he’s feeling too bad about the potential violation.

Even though it’s still two years out, I’m going to officially go on record with the prediction that Trout will indeed end up in a Phillies uniform when all is said and done and probably would even without Harper’s input.

Trout hails from southern New Jersey and is a lifelong Philadelphia sports super fan. If the offer is right (and given Philly’s sizable media market, it should be), there should be nothing stopping Trout from headed home to the east coast when his contract with the Angels has run its course.

Forbidden Love

NYC mayor Bill deBlasio raised some eyebrows this weekend by tweeting from Red Sox spring training, where he took in a game in the sunshine with his wife Chirlane.

As you might expect, his constituents Are. Not. Having. It.

DeBlasio lived in Cambridge as a kid and is a longtime Sox fan, but that’s not gonna get him off the hook.

Tweet Of The Week

Womp womp.

Media source: USA Today

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