Buzz Bulletin: David Beckham Gets Pranked

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: March 13, 2019

David Beckham is a transatlantic treasure, y’all.

The LA Galaxy honored the soccer superstar with a snazzy new statue, but when it came time to unveil the sculpture for Beckham’s final approval, James Corden took over to create a bit that is equal parts awkward and hilarious.

First, he brought in actors to annoy Beckham before being joined by Galaxy president Chris Klein (and an actor convincingly playing the sculptor) for the big reveal. The video is nine minutes long, but I promise it’s worth a watch. I particularly love the moment when the “fan” gets his team wrong and Beckham nearly bursts into flames.

“If my kids were to see this, I think they’d just cry.”

For the record, the real statue looks great.

George R.R. Martin Is Not Having It

A Song of Ice and Fire author and Giants fan George R.R. Martin has some strong opinions about his team trading Odell Beckham, Jr to the Cleveland Browns.

In a blog post titled “Kill Me Now,” Martin let his feelings rip.

And now they have traded OBJ.  Their best wideout, and one of the very best in the NFL.  I’ve been watching and rooting for the G-Men since “the Greatest Game Ever Played” in 1958.  Beckham was not only the best receiver on today’s Giants, but he was the best receiver this storied NFL franchise has EVER had in their long  history, and probably the best receiver they will ever have.   They are certainly not going to replace him with the 17th overall pick in the forthcoming draft…I thought the last two seasons were rough for Giants fans.   Next year is going to make them look like the good old days. Someone pinch me.  I am having a Big Blue nightmare.

Also, Blake Forking Bortles

Nick Foles is about to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars, which means that starting QB Blake Bortles will be out of a job. In the wake of this news, everybody has the same question: will The Good Place‘s Jason Mendoza be okay?



So much storyline potential for a great screenwriting team to tackle. Yes please.

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