On the Court. Off the Court. The Court Itself.

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 13, 2019

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On the Court

Detroit Pistons

Have you been paying attention to the Detroit Pistons? I have and let me tell you, Andre Drummond (center) is fun to watch. Scoring an average of 22 points, 18 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block and 1 steal per game has resulted in 18 straight double-doubles, I repeat, 18 straight double-doubles, it is no wonder Drummond was named this week’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week.

Yes, I know Drummond has a reputation of being lazy. Yes, he was rumored to be on the trade block over and over and over again last month. But he survived and he survived because he’s having the best season of his career. He has the presence of leader Blake Griffin and first-year coach Dwane Casey to thank for this season’s success. Casey emphasizes with Drummond the importance of keeping his game simple. Less is more, folks.

Boston Celtics

Folks, if you’ve been reading Nina’s posts for a while, you know  is our Celtics guru. Unfortunately, Nina and the Celtics are fighting right now…Check out here latest posts here to see why. Also check out Tom’s latest Way Out West in which he asks, can the Celtics win it all?

Brooklyn Nets

Tomorrow night is the start of a very long road trip for the Brooklyn Nets. They’re heading Way Out West (see what I did there?) and won’t be back East until March 30th. This is going to be a tough streak for the Nets who just jumped over the Pistons Monday night for 6th place in the Eastern Conference Standings. Nine out of their final 13 games are going to be played on the road. Yes, 9 out of 13. If they really want a chance at making the playoffs, something they haven’t been able to do since 2015, keeping up the momentum they’ve been building up over the last two months is going to be critical. The good news? Five teams they’re about to face have no chance at making the playoffs. Those games still matter, but it seems as if Brooklyn will be in good shape if they keep playing the way they’re playing if not better.

Off the Court

Heading to a Knicks game anytime soon? Think carefully about the words you speak, especially if owner James Dolan is close by. Dolan banned a fan from all Knick’s games for life last weekend…all for telling Dolan he needs to sell the team. But here’s the thing, this is not the first time Dolan has banned someone for suggesting he sell the team. According to TMZ, a very similar situation happened in 2017.

I mean…

Image sources: Getty/Know Your Meme

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