2019 Draft Needs Tracker: Indianapolis Colts

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: March 15, 2019

With the draft looming a few short weeks away, teams are busy figuring out who can make their teams better. Here’s my take on what your team needs to do in the draft to take the next step.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts

1st Round: 26
2nd Round: 34, 59
3rd Round: 90

Not many teams outside of New England and LA looked better than the Colts late last season. Andrew Luck is definitely back in form and the defense took a quantum leap forward from the previous year. That being said, to keep pace with Kansas City and New England, the Colts probably need a bit more versatility on the offensive side of the ball. That could come in the form of a shifty slot receiver, or maybe a pass catching running back. Put simply, a safety valve for Andrew Luck and a chain moving pass catcher like James White in New England, or Alvin Kamara in New Orleans. No one, and I mean NO ONE is talking about the running backs in this draft class, so with multiple picks in the second round, a little research will go a long way towards getting a high value player with a mid-level pick. Aside from that, the secondary will need to evolve if Desir and Geathers move on in free agency, so grabbing a speedy safety that can help over the top wouldn’t be a bad idea. The defensive line also didn’t look great in places last year, so addressing that need would help shore up the defense as well. Darius Leonard covered up a lot of mistakes for other guys last year, that’s why he led the league in tackles, but
getting him some help stuffing the run would be a smart idea.

Image Source: USA Today

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