2019 Draft Needs Tracker: Jacksonville Jaguars

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: March 16, 2019

With the draft looming a few short weeks away, teams are busy figuring out who can make their teams better. Here’s my take on what your team needs to do in the draft to take the next step.

AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars

1st Round: 7
2nd Round: 38
3rd Round: 69, 99

Late breaking news (that I’ve been telling you since last year). The Jaguars need a quarterback. The horrific regression of Blake Bortles was hard to watch last year. It’s not going to get better. Rumors abound about the Jags bringing in Nick Foles, and it might make a lot of sense. He’s a proven commodity that probably should be the starter in Philly. But can it be trusted? Foles ability as a Super-Substitute in Philly has the shine of magic on it, and that gives me pause. Can Foles be the Super Bowl guy in Jacksonville? Or does he revert to the guy who drifted around the league before premature retirement? I’m not sold, is my point. If the Cardinals don’t take Kyler Murray at number one overall, there’s a good chance that Murray and/or Ohio state QB Dwayne Haskins will be on the board at seven. The Niners, Jets, Raiders and Buccaneers don’t really need a QB, and the Giants say that they’re sticking with Eli Manning. If I’m Jacksonville, I go young at quarterback and trust that the defense and Leonard Fournette can continue to keep us in games. They have some very good pieces in place, but the Jags also need to upgrade along the offensive line and in the receiving corps, especially at tight end. It all really depends on how close the Jaguars brass thinks that they are. Can they be back in the AFC Championship game with just a minor tweak? I doubt it.

Image Source: AP

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