On The Court, Off The Court, The Court Itself

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 19, 2019

On The Court

I’ve said it before, we’ve all said it before, but I’ll say it again: we all knew that the East would be a different…well…beast this season without LeBron James. But! But did anyone really expect the East to be as exciting as it is right now? I mean, the Bucks are the number one seed. The Bucks! Who would have thought that the Bucks would be in the top spot at this point in the season? Okay, maybe Bucks’ fans. Actually, let me ask you this—did anyone expect that the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, and the Pacers (the PACERS!) to be ahead of the Celtics?

The Bucks! The Pacers!

Did I just get a bit carried away there? Apologies. What I really wanted to say is that the playoffs, which are less than a month away, are going to be fantastic this year…we’ll talk more about playoff potentials later in the week, though. For now, we need to move on and talk about Mario Hezonja for a moment. If you caught Sunday’s Knicks/Lakers game, then you probably saw one of the best plays of the season (IMHO). If you missed it:

That’s right, Mario Hezonja denied LeBron James a game winning dunk. What’s worse is that Hezonja, as you may know, plays for the Knicks. The Knicks are the worst team in the league this season. The West Coast just doesn’t suit King James now, does it?

FYI – Hezonja made a similar play against 76ers’ Giannis Antetokounmpo earlier in the season by making a slam that Antetokounmpo tried desperately to block. If only Hezonja had more than two great plays this season…maybe the Knicks…ugh, I’ll stop there, I don’t want to be banned for life from MSG.

Off The Court

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that despite the fact that it’s 2019, racism is still a huge problem. Huge being a massive understatement. For professional sports players who move/travel from one team to another, they have the unfortunate opportunity to be able to witness first hand just how big of a problem racism is in some cities. On of those cities is Milwaukee which has a reputation for being one of the most segregated cities in the country. Professional sports players, such as Bucks’ guard Malcolm Brogdon, though, have an opportunity to help influence change in these cities. Brogdon talks about this opportunity and more in a recent interview with the Guardian. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read the article. Like the playoffs, we’ll be talking more about this subject later.

The Court Itself

Opinions, please. Resting veteran players. Or in the case of Kawhi Leonard, “load managing” veteran players. In other words, resting veteran star players during a regular season game or games in hope of being tip top ready for the playoffs. What are your thoughts? Are fans who happen to have tickets to a game in which a veteran star is being rested losing out on, for some, what might be a once in a life time opportunity, or is it more important to save the best for the playoffs? Read this article and let us know in the comments. I’ll update you on my thoughts next week 🙂

Image Source: USA Today

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