I.T. 4-Cast: Possible Return?

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 20, 2019

Isaiah Thomas returned to TD Garden in Boston last night for the first time as an active player. On Sunday, he tweeted out that he wanted to play pickup in the area. 

Obviously Boston loves IT, so he was met with a welcoming response. Terry Rozier III tweeted back to pull up at the practice gym. It was a very sweet moment for Celtics fans.

Other local sports coordinators had some other ideas. Nick Mather, who runs youth and programs (including two current successful basketball leagues) tweeted out:

Local fan, Das, tweeted that he would pay IT’s $10 guest fee to get in, which was hilarious:

I of course had to jump in to add that I wouldn’t make IT pay as long as I was working the front desk. (Dear bosses, if you see this, just know I was joking. However if he showed up, I wouldn’t be joking!)

In the end, IT ended up playing pickup after practice at the gym at Emerson College, as noted by Kyle Bray with a video attached:

During his tribute video at the game last night, he received a standing ovation from the fans. Brad Stevens smiled alongside the Celtics bench who watched intensely. The Celtics ended up losing 114-105, but I’d say all in all, the fans were content.

Final note: My younger brother told me an short story about IT’s nickname. For Christmas 2014, I gave my dad and two brothers tickets to a Celtics game. Apparently Isaiah Thomas made a shot, and the announcer bellowed “IT!!!” (imagine it like “eyeeeeee teaaaaa”) and my older brother said something along the lines of “That’s not gonna stick!” which is hilarious.

Isaiah, we want you back. Come back.

Image via Sports Illustrated.

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