Where’s the Heart?

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 26, 2019

Where is the heart?

The Celtics are on a 4-game lose streak and it SUCKS. These losses hurt. They lost 114-105 to the Nuggets, 118-115 to the 76ers, 124-117 to the Hornets, and worst of all, 115-96 to the Spurs. Tonight the C’s face the Cavaliers at 7:00pm.

There are a lot of theories to to digest here, so I’ll break it down:

Loss of Confidence

Marcus Smart and Kyrie Irving pose a lot of confidence in the media- but it’s an inconsistent message. Irving wants us to feel confident in the C’s because, well- he’s on the team. Smart would rather constantly boast about the talent on the team, but I think he’s turning a blind eyes.

No Team Effort

There is so much dang talent on the team. The C’s need to improve their chemistry. Also, for example- against the Spurs- big guys Al Horford and Robert Williams were out. Next up was Aron Baynes, also on minutes restriction. Then…. Daniel Theis? During that game, LaMarcus Aldridge (forward) scored 48 points. 48. Forty-eight. Baynes has 9 in his 21 minutes and Theis had 11. No. Team. Effort.

Pending Playoffs

The Celtics have 8 regular games on their season schedule and honestly, its likely they’ll enter the first round of postseason without home court advantage. However, they can probably get past the Indiana Pacers in the first round then get past the injury-wriden Milwaukee Bucks in the second round. Perhaps they’re just coasting on the idea of an easy first two rounds.

Wildy Inconsistent

Win streaks, loss streaks. Even in the media, they are presented as a cohesive unit, then as bickering siblings. The dramatic tale is getting old.

Gordon Hayward

Here’s the truth: the minutes he has gotten has affected other players who may do more with their time on the court.

This all comes down to one idea: They’re. A . Mess., and us loyal Celtics fans don’t want to watch this happen.

Image via USA Today.

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