Locked into the Pacers

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 28, 2019

The Celtics need to play like they’re in the playoffs already in tomorrow’s home game matchup against the Pacers. If you don’t understand basketball- just know this is huge.  The Celtics are ranked #5 and the Pacers are ranked #4. It’s even more exciting for Boston fans since the Celtics spent their Wednesday night getting back to their defensive game. The Pacers, on the other hand, lost their 5th game out of 6.

This game is the race for the fourth seed and home court advantage. I’ve heard many people refer to this matchup as a final limp-which is true. I do not expect our beloved Celtics to go into this game with an impressive amount of pizazz.

Yes, I just used pizazz to describe basketball energy.

Dad Stevens has also been downplaying the significance of Friday’s game  has and turned the attention inward and toward the Celtics April schedule:

“I’m pretty locked in on us right now. Certainly, we can prepare and we scout, and we’ll be ready for each of those games. We’re very cognizant of the fact of where the standings are and the likelihood of that playing out,” Stevens said. “You’re looking at it with a great amount of interest and maybe even an enhanced level of detail, but ultimately, we can’t miss the boat on focusing on us. We have enough to worry about ourselves.”

Let me make it clear- Friday’s game isn’t a curl-up-on-the-couch kind of event. Take the offical Sports Are From Venus advice: go out to a sports bar* or have some friends over*. Grab the popcorn (and the Bud Light!*) because this will be fun *insert smiling devil emoji*

Image via Mass Live.

*Editor’s Note: Do so safely and legally!

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