Buzz Bulletin: U Mad, Bro?

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: April 4, 2019

The Phillies traveled to Washington DC to take on the Nationals this week, their first trip to the nation’s capital since signing Bryce Harper in the wake of his somewhat acrimonious departure from the city.

Though the team put together a nice tribute video for Harper’s return, the fans were absolutely not. Having. It. And can you really blame them? Harper left town the first chance he got after seven years and zero championships.

Fans got impressively creative when expressing their disdain.



Harper didn’t seem to let the jeers get to him. He went 3 for 5, capping off his return with a rocket of a home run and a bat flip for the ages.

To Infinity and Beyond

Speaking of the Nationals, reliever Trevor Rosenthal is not off to a great start.

Rosenthal, who missed the entire 2018 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery, is currently rocking an earned run average of, I kid you not, infinity. So far this season, he’s let up three hits and four walks for a total of seven earned runs without ringing up a single out.

Rosenthal has also earned the dubious distinction of being the only pitcher in MLB history to let up at least one run in four consecutive appearances without recording any outs. This streak dates back to his last pre-surgery appearance back in 2017, during which he allowed a home run and a walk.

For the record, if Rosenthal manages to get an out before allowing yet another earned run, his ERA will lower to a much more manageable 189.00.

Say It Ain’t So

Tom Brady fired off his first-ever tweet on Monday, and, well, it was…something.

April Fools! The reaction from the team says it all.

Too close for comfort, in the wake of Gronk’s recent announcement. Don’t play with our hearts like this, Tom.

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