2019 Draft Needs Tracker – Kansas City Chiefs

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: April 5, 2019

With the draft looming a few short weeks away, teams are busy figuring out who can make their teams better. Here’s my take on what your team needs to do in the draft to take the next step.

AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs

1st Round: 29
2nd Round: 61, 63
3rd Round: 93

Defense, defense, defense. The Chiefs have four picks in the first three rounds. I expect all four to be used on defensive players. Everyone knows that this offense was a juggernaut last year, and that Pat Mahomes can do some special things. But they simply won’t win unless this defense is elevated to at least the middle of the pack. Last year the Chiefs led the league in sacks (because everyone needed to keep passing the ball to keep pace) but they allowed the second-most yards in the air and the sixth-most on the ground. They allowed the second-most total yards per game and were in the bottom ten in points allowed. Then they traded away Dee Ford and released Justin Houston and Eric Berry. So, they need to rebuild that defense from scratch. Pronto. Their first priority should be the secondary, which allowed more pass plays of 20+ yards than anyone in the league. They also need to rebuild that linebacking corps to keep running backs honest. Sacks are great when they come at important moments, but they are meaningless if opponents are striking for big yardage and piling up points at will.

Image Source: Getty Images

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