2019 Draft Needs Tracker – Los Angeles Chargers

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: April 7, 2019

With the draft looming a few short weeks away, teams are busy figuring out who can make their teams better. Here’s my take on what your team needs to do in the draft to take the next step.

AFC West – Los Angeles Chargers

1st Round: 28
2nd Round: 60
3rd Round: 92

The Chargers surprised some folks last year (not us, we saw them coming a mile away). This is a really, really good team that doesn’t have a ton of obvious holes. The biggest need is probably along the offensive line. Philip Rivers wasn’t sacked a lot, but it doesn’t take a lot to shake him up, and he needs to be protected to be effective. At some point, the Chargers need to look to the future at the quarterback position, but with Rivers posting one of the best statistical seasons of his fifteen-year career, there isn’t much reason to panic. Especially with their first pick at twenty-eight and a shallow pool of NFL-ready QB’s, I’m guessing they’ll look closer at next year’s QB class. It won’t take a lot for these Chargers to leapfrog the Chiefs in this division, so don’t expect Los Angeles to make lots of moves and trade up. I’m guessing they’ll be looking for an offensive tackle in the first round and speedy linebackers or run-stopping defensive linemen in the second and third rounds.

Image Source: USA Today

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