On the Court. Off the Court. The Court Itself.

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 7, 2019

On the Court

Ok, let’s start with the Celtics.

Boston fans, I’m sorry but you’re not going to like what I have to say.

Yes, the Celtics have won their last two games, two games that everyone had labeled as must wins. This is in large part a result of Al Horford being the fantastic asset he’s been to the team when he’s on the court, Gordon Hayward playing like…well, like the Gordon Hayward we love, and Kyrie playing like…well, a professional. Great. Finals here they come, everyone screams!

Everyone except me (and a few others, maybe three others?). Here’s the thing. I’m not sold that they have truly has turned things around. They’ve had good streaks before in the season folks, streaks that came to a screeching halt and completely fell apart. So, what I’m saying is that I’m not convinced that they’re going to keep playing as well as they have these last two games. They’ll end the regular season with the fourth seed and well…we’ll see.

Don’t hate me, Boston.

On to the 76ers…

The good news is that the 76ers earned home court advantage Friday night. The bad news is that they’ve lost three of their last four games. The reason? Most likely the fact that Joel Embiid didn’t play, a result of the team trying to keep him healthy for the playoffs (he’s had issues with knee tendinitis the second half of the season). These losses are not all that much of a big deal, but it could impact seeding. Most likely, they’ll end with the third seed. However, Boston could jump and bump the 76ers to fourth. That’s unlikely, though, because with only two games left for Boston and three left for Philadelphia, the odds are in the 76ers favor, even if they’re beat up and tired and lack a bench that can back up their fabulous and infamous starting five. Plus, see above.

The Warriors Out West

With the exception of a bad loss on Friday, the Warriors have been enjoying a strong end to the season with huge wins over the Nuggets and Hornets. They can really end things on a superb note on Sunday with a win. A win will get them the number one seed in the west and home court advantage. The only thing that can really get in their way is their unfortunate bad habit of making one too many turnovers. Actually, this will be more of a concern when they get to the playoffs as opposed to these last few games…

The Nuggets

Oh dear. The Nuggets are having a rough end to the season, four of their last six games were losses. Sure, they’re sitting at number two right now, but the Nuggets are not what one would consider experienced when it comes to the playoffs. If their recent struggles are not a result of resting players (and they’re not), then can anyone see the Nuggets getting past the first round?

Off the Court

The Warriors will be saying good bye to Oakland next season. Their new home, the Chase Center, is currently being built in San Francisco. There are a lot of mixed feelings about the move from both players and fans. One player in particular, Steph Curry, is concerned about…traffic. Currently living in the East Bay, close to the Warriors current home in Oakland, Curry’s commute will be intense, leaving Curry to wonder if he’ll have to “pull a Kobe.”

Pull a Kobe?

Yes. It’s no secret that traffic in Los Angeles is a nightmare. I’m sure those who live in the area are currently screaming “understatement” right now. Anyway, because of the traffic, Kobe has taken a helicopter to and from practices and games to avoid sitting in the car for hours. I guess…I guess I would too if I had the ability?

In Kobe’s defense, sitting in that much traffic is not easy on one’s body, especially a pro sports player who’s beat up…

Back to Curry (who says he will most likely move closer to the new arena in San Francisco), apparently he’s been playing with blurry vision for…well, his entire career? Curry admitted this week that he’s been playing with blurry vision until just this week when he finally started wearing contacts.

Let that sink in for a minute.

One of the NBA’s best players for the last ten seasons has been playing without the ability to see properly.

Curry is crediting his newly improved vision for the five plus  3-pointers he’s made in the last ten games.

The Court Itself

Opinions, please!

It’s not unusual for playoff bound teams to rest certain player in the last week or so of the regular season to help keep the team healthy.

Are fans who loosing out when teams rest players?

Tells us why or why not in the comments. We’ll discuss more next week!

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