On The Court: Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Thus Far

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 22, 2019

We’re coming to the end of the Quarterfinals in the Eastern Conference and just as I suspected, it’s been a ton of fun to watch (I know, I’m a broken record with how fun this conference is this year). Here’s a few thoughts on what we’ve so thus far.

Sixers vs. Nets

Ok. I know Sixers fans don’t want to relive this, especially considering that the Sixers now lead their series against the Nets 3-1, but game one did not go well and…wow. Fans. Were. Not. Happy.

Every tweet that I came across during the game was angry and everyone was giving up on the team. Not just for that game, but for the entire series.

I get it. I would be upset too if I were a Sixers fan. I mean, Jimmy Butler was the only player to show up mentally to game one. No one wants to see their team play as horribly as the Sixers were playing in the regular season, never mind the playoffs. But it was game one and as Tom stated over on twitter, nothing was set in stone. Today? Today is a different story as the Sixers went on to win the next two games and last night they did what Brett Brown hoped they would do in New York— they took a ton of oxygen out of the series with a third win. The Nets didn’t make it easy for them though as they certainly played knowing that it was a must win game by doing their best to take Joel Embiid out of the game and even taking a seven-point lead with less then ten minutes left in the third.

Tuesday in Philly will be interesting. The Nets don’t seem to be showing any signs of giving up. I wonder though, are the Sixers going to go into game five a bit too cocky?

Celtics vs. Pacers

Ok. Ok. Ok. I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Oh so very wrong. The team formally known as the most inconsistent team in the east managed to remain consistent for four games, sweeping the Pacers. Actually, consistent is an understatement. The Celtics dominated the Pacers in all four games thanks to…Kyrie Ir….oh wait, no it wasn’t due to Kyrie…it all was a result of Gordon Hayward who looked like Gordon Hayward pre-2018 injury. Sure, Kyrie has been the solid super-star player that he is during this series, a solid super-star player who the Celtics need if they wish to keep the momentum going in the next round, but Hayward is the true MVP of this series.

Agree or disagree, Boston? Let me know in the comments.

Bucks Vs. Pistons

At the moment, the Bucks are up 3-0 in their series against the Pistons. Will they sweep and become the second team to move to the semifinals? Given how dominant they’ve been over the Pistons this entire series, I’m going to go on and say yes. The Pistons, who were without Blake Griffin for the first two games, have been depending on Andre Drummond to keep the team alive. And while Drummond has been playing well, he’s struggling against the Bucks’ Brook Lopez. In fact, Lopez has been so effective against Drummond that Piston fans actually started to boo Drummond Saturday night. Ouch.

Oh, as for Blake Griffin? He’s still fighting left knee issues and that was apparent Saturday night, even with him scoring 27 points. The team won’t have a shot without Griffin in game four, but I’m not certain their chances improve by much with him out on court either.

Image Source: AP

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