Buzz Bulletin: Athletes Loved Last Week’s Game Of Thrones Too

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: May 2, 2019

Last weekend was full of seat-gripping cultural touchstones. Between the box office release of Avengers: Endgame and the much-anticipated battle for the survival of humanity on Game Of Thrones, there was a lot of pop culture intensity to take in.

(Since I’ve only seen the latter, that’s what we’re focusing on today. No spoilers for me, thanks.)

Your fave athletes were tuned into GOT just like the rest of us, and had some takes to share on the mayhem in Winterfell and that moment of awesome girl power.

Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead, so turn back if you’re not caught up.


Did you block out the entire evening for uninterrupted viewing? So did Aaron Rodgers.

Viewers had a lot to say about Arya Stark taking down the Night King with a mid-air hand switch of her dagger, and many couldn’t help but compare her to MJ.

Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle even provided GIF evidence:

Nikki Bella was feeling the girl power with the rest of us:

Arian Foster’s security system captured the tense moment unfolding in his living room:

Chris Long’s take on the epic on-screen confrontation was succinct and accurate:

Arya Stark: GOAT

More Girl Power

Speaking of girls kicking butt, more than 200 women’s hockey players across North America have pledged to boycott professional leagues until a single, unified women’s hockey league is created.

This move comes in the wake of the shutdown of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) in April, which thwarted potential plans to merge with the National Women’s Hockey League (NHWL). Now, women’s hockey players are left with no professional options in North America but tiny league that pays some of their players just $2,000 per season–health insurance not included.

Olympian Hilary Knight provided the following statement in her Twitter account:

We’ll keep this developing story updated, and in the meantime, we’re sending all the good vibes and support in the world to these badass ladies.

Image source: Newsweek

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