Buzz Bulletin: Mac And Chase Utley Have a Catch

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: June 22, 2019

If you’re a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you know how much Mac (played by Rob McElhenney) idolizes former Phillies second baseman Chase Utley. In one of the show’s most memorable episodes, Mac writes a letter to Utley, expressing his desire to meet up with the star and “have a catch”.

It took 10 years, but on Friday, Mac finally got his wish. During a pre-game retirement ceremony for Utley (during which his number #26 was retired by the Phillies), McElhenney made an appearance to catch Utley’s first pitch.

For the unfamiliar, here’s the scene (mostly SFW, minus a swear or two):

A Heartwarming Moment

If you’ve not yet seen this clip of Albert Pujols hustling over to the sidelines to give his jersey to Nico, a child in the stands with Down Syndrome, take a minute to do so. It’s worth it. ❤️

Plant Guy Delivered

Speaking of dreams come true, let’s talk about Plant Guy.

Plant Guy endeared himself to Raptors fans everywhere after game 6, when he burst on the scene toting a houseplant that he planned to give Kawhi Leonard as a housewarming gift.

At the Raptors’ victory parade last Monday, the plant’s destiny was fulfilled.

Hopefully Plant Guy is enjoying his moment, since it’s entirely possible that Leonard may be planning to exit Toronto during the off-season. Womp.

Space Jam 2 Deets

’90s kids take note: after a shaky start, it’s looking like Space Jam 2 is going to pack some star power after all.

In addition to Lebron James, here’s who we know will be involved in the project:

SO excited to see a couple of the badass ladies of the WNBA potentially taking the court alongside Bugs and company.

Media sources: YouTube, Philly Voice

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