Megan Rapinoe Is *Not* Visiting The White House

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: June 27, 2019

Megan Rapinoe isn’t making any friends at the White House, but something tells me she’s not too stressed about it.

Earlier this week, Eight By Eight published a clip of the USWNT co-captain telling a reporter from the soccer mag that she’s “not going to the f**king White House” and expressed her doubts that the team will be invited at all.

Rapinoe (who appeared with her partner Sue Bird in last summer’s edition of ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue), has been a long-standing vocal opponent of the White House’s anti-LGBTQ stances. She has called herself a “walking protest” to the Trump administration’s policies.

Trump responded to the jab by unleashing a tweetstorm that I shan’t foist upon my readers (you’re welcome). It began by addressing Rapinoe, bizarrely descended into a rant about his own supposed accomplishments, and then chided Rapinoe for speaking out “since so much has been done for her & the team” (Trump did not elaborate on which alleged acts of magnanimity he was referring to). He also said that Rapinoe “should win before she talks”.

In his tweets, Trump also responded to Rapinoe’s statement by inviting the women’s national team to the White House–win or lose. Rapinoe is joined in her public disdain for the Trump administration by teammates Alex Morgan (who told Time that she would decline a White House visit if invited) and Ali Krieger, who didn’t leave any room for questions with her tweet on the issue:

This isn’t Rapinoe’s first stint in the spotlight for political reasons. She was one of many athletes who took part in Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest, prompting the U.S. Soccer Federation to issue a rule that players would be required to “stand respectfully” during the anthem.

Comical side note: In his first draft of the tweets, Trump addressed the wrong Twitter user, tweeting at @MeganRapino instead of @mPinoe (the Megan Rapinoe in question). Other Megan was NOT here for it:

It’s worth noting that so far, just 50% of the teams who have won championships during the Trump administration have attended the White House. Of the 10 teams who have accepted invitations, Baylor’s champion basketball team is the only women’s squad to make the trip. They did so in April of 2019, and were treated to a spread of–what else?–fast food.

As for Rapinoe, it doesn’t look like she’s going to be enjoying Chick-Fil-A on Pennsylvania Avenue anytime in the near future.

Photo credit: New York Post

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