WHO (gives a) SHOT (to) JR?

By: Colleen B
Posted: July 19, 2019

With just two roster spots left to surround the MVP with enough talent to get him over the Conference Finals hump, the Bucks are now meeting with…wait…who is that…I can’t quite tell…maybe if I squint….

Yup, that’s right. The Buckternet is atwitter with JR Smith sightings all over greater Milwaukee. To be honest, I’m a tad dubious about the potential signing. At the peak of his powers, Smith was one of those deeply enjoyable, flamethrowing irrational confidence guys that could terrorize opposing defenses.

No longer at the peak of his powers, he may be more meme than man at this point. So what do we do in this house when we’re feeling ambivalent? We make a Pros and Cons List!

JR Smith is an NBA champion. Say what you will but he averaged 34 minutes a game during the Cavaliers’ 2015 championship run. Smith has been to the mountaintop, a claim no other Buck can make.

We all know what happened the very next year while attempting to again reach that mountaintop…

In his career, Smith has shot 37% from three and 42% from the field. Those percentages–and Smith’s conscienceless shooting–should flourish in Coach Bud’s system.

Shooters shoot…even if the shot ain’t there. Though he only played 11 games before mutually let’s-just-be-friendsing the Cavs, the numbers were more or less career-lows. Even throwing that out as an aberration and too small of a sample size, Smith is 33 and some decline is reasonably expected.

Wisconsinites love bowling. JR Smith will not mess up your beer frame.


Wisconsinites love keeping their shirts on. We’re fleshy, human-shaped sacks of over 50% cheese/beer. Smith has never met a shirt truly worthy of his torso.


You know what, that last one might be a pro. I don’t think there’s a player on the Bucks roster right now that brings this exact combination of swagger and meme-ability. We’d have JR and the Lopez brothers churning out premium content for the internet 82 nights a year. As a blog boy, I’ve got to count this as a positive.

In seriousness, I don’t buy the narrative that he was a “negative influence” on the Cavs’ young players. Smith spent four seasons playing alongside one of the most disciplined athletes we’ve ever seen but still wears the scarlet letter of being some type of troublemaker or lacking in seriousness and drive. If he was a true detriment to chemistry or industriousness, do WE really think King James would’ve kept him on board that long?

At his age and after a season off, Smith isn’t a sure thing. But no free agents are that we’re going to land with a veteran’s minimum contract–the only offer we can make. Smith is worth a flyer. We’ll still have a spot to try and sign another aging wing shooter in Korver who Giannis just HAPPENED to be hanging out with recently. And if the Korver thing falls through, we can sign up JR’s brother, Chris and make it a triple-double of brotherly love for the Bucks.

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