Carmelo Anthony Should Be on an NBA Team. But Which One?

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 10, 2019

After a summer of big-name players changing teams, the exciting offseason has slowed down. The Kawhi Leonard’s, Kevin Durant’s and Kyrie Irving’s have all joined new teams and in turn, make those teams contenders.

With nearly a month before the preseason, there are free agents still searching for teams. One of those players is Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has not played since November of last year, which comes as a shock. While Anthony is no longer the player he once was, he could potentially contribute in the right situation. If he finds a team that needs offense (off the bench) he can fill that void. So, it is a matter of finding the right fit. However, Anthony has not found the right fit.

As of now, it looks like Anthony will be sitting out a bit longer as the preseason approaches. There have been little to no discussions between Anthony and the teams around the league. Carmelo Anthony should be in the NBA, but the question is where? This is the biggest question surrounding Anthony’s NBA future.

Last season, Anthony played for the Houston Rockets. He signed with the Rockets after being traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder sent him to the Atlanta Hawks, and Anthony and the Hawks reached a buyout agreement. Shortly after the buyout, Anthony signed a one-year, $2.4 million deal with Houston.

Anthony’s stint with the Rockets didn’t last long, as he played 10 games with the team. The Rockets announced they were parting ways with Anthony but did not release him. This led to Anthony remaining with the Rockets but not playing/traveling with the team. He remained with the Rockets until they traded him to Chicago Bulls, who later waived him. Since then, Anthony has been out of the NBA getting ready for his next opportunity.

Initially, the Lakers were a team tied to Carmelo Anthony, but nothing happened. So, Anthony remains a free agent.

If given a chance, Carmelo Anthony can still contribute. According to his former college coach Jim Boeheim, Anthony could play 16 to 20 minutes a game on a second unit. If he is willing to take on that role, he could help a (contending) team.

In the NBA, there are 30 teams.  I find it hard that not one NBA team cannot use Anthony on their bench. Anthony at least deserves to be on an NBA team; it is only a matter of finding the right fit.

Image source: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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