Labor Day Plans

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 30, 2019

There are few things more exciting than figuring out just how you’re about to spend the extra day of a three-day weekend. While most will spend it relaxing, we of course have unreasonable expectations for professional athletes. To that end, I’ll now posit some suggestions for exactly how some of the Milwaukee Bucks should be spending what would otherwise be a “day off.”

Khris Middleton

Set off some fireworks

Money Midd is always calm, cool and collected; he’s a great number two to have behind a mean-mugging marauder periodically prone to outbursts. Unfortunately, Team USA is currently keeping it a little too cool and calm down under. Middleton turned in a rough four-point, four-foul performance in the loss to the Australian Boomers last week. So I suggest Khris set off some red, white, and blue fireworks to get him in the right mindset: loud, brash, and cocksure. I love him as a silent assassin behind Giannis but I think Team USA needs somebody a little more…boisterous.

Eric Bledsoe

A meditation retreat

I was ecstatic with the initial Bledsoe trade and still think his new contract could be a steal for us. Bledsoe is an elite defender, a great playmaker on offense and the type of athletic freak that has you rewinding plays. All that skill and potential are exactly why he can be a frustrating player to cheer for when he’s in his head. I don’t want to get rid of the Bledshow’s emotions though, I want to harness them, control them. I’m a firm believer in “the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master” so I’d like to see Bledshow spend three silent days molding his mentality into Alfred. Just stay away from the hair salon.

Robin Lopez

Wisconsin Deer Park

There are few things more fun than watching Rolo feud with mascots throughout the association but we can’t have our newest Lopez distracted every home game by a feud with Bango. And boy do they have a history:

But we’ve got to embrace a mantra from the Dark Side here: let the past die; kill it if you have to. That’s why Robin needs to spend the weekend at classic Wisconsin Dells tourist trap attraction, Wisconsin Deer Park. It is exactly what it sounds like: a 40-acre park in which you wander up to, feed and even pet probably not-hostile deer. Robin would do well to use this weekend making peace with the deer before donning the antlers for the first time. In case you’re thinking, “Isn’t a ‘deer park’ just literally some woods with fence around it that they charge you to get into?” Well…mostly yes but good luck finding a sweet map like this of “just some woods with a fence around it.”

Very cartography. Much deer.

Image Source: AP Images

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