The Dino Returns!

By: Melanie P
Posted: September 3, 2019

Have you ever seen this Sports Illustrated list of the worst basketball jerseys of all time? It’s like the 2003 Mavericks were pointing flashlight beams directly into the eyes of their fans when they wore those horrific swaths of shiny fabric. Yeesh.

It’s got to be a miracle that the Raptors’ dino jerseys from the 90s didn’t make the list. A legit miracle. At the time, everyone hated – and I mean HATED – those jerseys. Despite the fans’ negative response, though, the Raps wore The Dino from 1995 until 1999, which just happened to be during the height of fame for Barney & Friends. Remember Barney? I sure remember making fun of him and the show, including singing all kinds of parodies of the theme song (super inappropriate parodies now that I think about it!). Why the marketing guys thought the Raptors’ jerseys should feature a Barney lookalike remains a mystery.

Raptors Barney

But, oh, how fickle humans can be. As with many other fashions and fads that we all hoped would fade into oblivion, Barney is coming back! Not the show (I hope), but the jersey. The Raps tweeted a montage of basketball moments on Friday, along with a pic of the 90s jersey and the caption: “The return of The Dino. Coming soon.”

Looking at the dino jerseys now, they’re super retro-cool. And obviously, the fans are pumped for the re-release since the tweet has 20,000 likes, 4,200 shares, and 360 comments. It helps that Kyle Lowry wore this kind of retro jersey during the championship parade back in June. If Kyle thinks it’s cool, we ALL think it’s cool.


I admit that I always thought that the dino jerseys were lame, but this re-release makes them totally retro metro (look it up on Urban Dictionary). They’re kind of like high-waisted jeans, or fanny packs, or even Full/Fuller house: old school-cool and absolutely making a comeback.

“A retro dino jersey” will definitely be on my Christmas wish list this year, but no matter how many celebrities flaunt them, I refuse to wear fanny packs or scrunchies. Never, ever again.

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