Bold Predictions – NFC East

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: September 4, 2019

Dallas Cowboys

A solid defense and a grinding run game with Ezekiel Elliot had the Cowboys at the top of the NFC East last year. Zeke is holding out for a new contract, putting all of that in jeopardy. But he’s literally catching a flight back from Cabo to be with the team if/when the deal gets locked in…

Bold Prediction: Zeke will be in a Cowboys uniform when they open the season. He’ll also be the second or third-highest paid running back in the league. That deal will feel like a bargain by the end of the season when he’s helped the Cowboys coast to a second consecutive division title.

New York Giants

This team was the bottom of the barrel in the NFC East last year. Then they sent one of the league’s top receivers away, mostly out of spite. They have an over the hill quarterback competing with a not-ready-for-primetime rookie. There is absolutely no way this ends well for anyone…

Bold Prediction: Except Saquon Barkley, who will be the driving force of this offense and the only reason to watch the Giants. He’ll win the rushing title, and/or all-purpose yards title, and still be on a losing team. He doesn’t deserve that. He’ll be looking for an out, not a contract extension next summer.

Philadelphia Eagles

Another season, another Nick Foles rescue. The 2018 Eagles squeezed into the playoffs behind the second-consecutive Nick Foles miracle show. Let’s me make this clear, for two years, Philly was better with their backup than their starter, including a Super Bowl win. Then they sent him away. The Eagles are now on thin ice with an injury prone QB who has yet to finish a NFL season.

Bold Prediction: The Eagles will look great early and contend with the Cowboys, only to lose Wentz to a multi-game injury in the last half of the season. It will derail a potential playoff contender and Philly will remember why the best ability is availability. Hindsight is 20/20.


I know that Washington went 7-9 last year. I also know that they were the scariest under .500 team we’ve seen in a while. This is a team that went 5-3 through the halfway point, beating Dallas and (healthy Cam Newton) Carolina on the way. An Alex Smith injury soured a potentially great season and the rest is history.

Bold Prediction: Now we get to see what Dwayne Haskins can do. I’m not shy about Haskins potential in the NFL. I’m fairly certain he’s the best QB in this rookie class. I expect him to out perform his draft mates by a wide margin in 2019. It won’t be close. He told NFL owners that they made a mistake. I expect him to prove it with a Rookie of the Year-type season.

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