Still Number One

By: Melanie P
Posted: October 9, 2019


The Raptors played a pre-season game in Tokyo today, returning to the court, my television screen, and the hearts of all their fans around the globe. So much happiness!

No, I don’t care that it’s only the pre-season. All I care about is that they’re back on the television playing the sport that they (and I) love. Sure, I had to record the exhibition game they played in Japan and I watched it after work today instead of live at 7am, but the point is, I GOT TO WATCH IT!

My pal Pascal was on fire tonight! – er, this morning. He sunk 24 points, including 11 rebounds, and damn, did he ever look good. That giant goofy grin of his was out in full force and it was glorious! Serge was pretty glorious himself as he owned that court with his usual Serge-level of class and scored 18 points. Not to be forgotten, my mom’s fave Fred offered 16 points of his own. Even Rondae Hollis Jefferson and Terence Davis played with finesse. These two are not going to be sidelined – metaphorically, I mean.

At one point, the Rockets were up by 17 points, and for a moment the Raptors were looking a bit tired. But that sure didn’t last very long. There was another point where it looked like overtime was going to be a reality, but the Raps made it clear that OT wasn’t acceptable. With a final score of 134-129, Toronto defeated the Rockets as thousands of Japanese fans watched in awe. It doesn’t matter which continent they play on, these boys are going to shut down the game.

A win like this, where they came back from a sizeable deficit, is the perfect way for the Raps to ease their way into the 2019-20 season. It’s the perfect way for a team that clawed its way to the top and clinched the NBA title to re-enter the ring, so to speak, with heads held high. The perfect way to remind fans that they made it to the top for a reason. The perfect way to say to all other NBA teams, “Remember us? Yeah, that’s right. We’re still here and we’re still number one.”

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