Tomorrow! The Raptors! Are Back! Finally!

By: Melanie P
Posted: October 22, 2019


Finally, the Raptors are back! For realsies!

First, let’s talk about Pascal’s contract extension. Four years and $130 million USD (reportedly). So Raps fans can now look forward to four more years of 32 point games (like in Game 1 of the finals last year), picture-perfect dunks (like this one on Lebron, no less!), seemingly endless energy, and THOSE SPIN MOVES (so many of them! Here are the best ones)! Bring it on!

Then there’s are the newbies. My boyfriend says he’s really looking forward to watching Matt Thomas’ “sweet stroke.” Apparently, the guy has an impressing form when tossing three-pointers. Stanley Johnson has proved that he’s a hard worker, that he’ll put in the time that’s necessary, but he’s been a bit… well, Nurse called it “streaky” and I agree. Watching his growth within the NBA will be interesting.

As for Terence Davis, he does things right. He works hard. You’ve gotta respect a guy who previously refused to sign contracts that would have him playing in the G League, a guy who stands up for himself. Will he be the next Fred VanVleet? Who knows!

Tomorrow night’s home game is against the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that recently picked up the no. 1 overall draft pick, Zion Williamson. Watching the reigning NBA champs play the team with the most exciting new kid on the block would have been uber exciting! But, poor 19-year-old Williamson recently had surgery on his right knee and is out of the game for the next couple of months. It’s doubtful he’ll be ready in time to play the Raps next game against the Pelicans in November, but you never know!

All of this to say, I can’t WAIT for tomorrow night. I’ve already bought the chips and beer. I may actually sit in my spot on the chaise part of our sectional couch until game time tomorrow. There’ll be a nice butt groove formed by then, as every good Raptors fan should have.

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