Halloween 2019: The Best Looks From The Sports World

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: October 31, 2019

It’s Halloween 2019, y’all!

When the rich and famous dress up for Halloween, they don’t mess around. Here’s the best of this year’s crop of costumes from around the sports world.

Halloween 2019: Looks We Love

LeBron James as “LeDward Scissorhands”:

Lebron James Halloween 2019

LeBron pulled out all the stops for his elaborate take on Edward Scissorhands. Maybe just don’t pass the basketball his way today.

DeAndre Hopkins as Aladdin’s Genie

DeAndre Hopkins loves his blue body paint. After dressing up last year as one of the Na’vi from Avatar, he went blue again this Halloween as the Genie from Aladdin. And let’s be honest: he nailed it.

Russell Wilson and Ciara as Jay-Z and Beyonce:

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Jay & Bey.

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One power couple to another: Russell Wilson and Ciara are the spitting images of Bey and Jay in their latest Halloween costumes. Amazing.

Dwight Howard as Thanos:

Dwight Howard bought a purple car back in September in honor of supervillain/rare jewelry connoisseur Thanos, so his Marvel-inspired costume this Halloween comes as no surprise.

Paul George as The Night King:

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The Night King! #GOT

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Paul George is dedicated to his craft. Considering the fact that it took the Game Of Thrones makeup crew six hours to create the Night King’s look for filming each day, it’s safe to say that pulling off this costume was no easy feat.

Isaiah Thomas as an Oompa Loompa:

Lowkey one of the best costumes of the year. Isaiah Thomas doesn’t need your Halloween admiration.

The Boston Bruins as characters from Toy Story 4:

This one gets better the longer you look at it. Bergeron as Buzz Lightyear. Charlie Coyle as Jessie. Perfection. *chef kiss*

Gritty as Wonder Woman:

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It a bird. It a plane. It me, Wonder Gritty.

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Gritty continues to be an absolute icon. Flawless. He wins Halloween 2019.

Photo credit: People

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