The Raptors Are Scary Good

By: Melanie P
Posted: November 1, 2019

Happy Halloween! Want to know what is absolutely terrifying? THE RAPTORS GAME AGAINST THE PISTONS BECAUSE IT WAS INSANE!

Pascal had 30 points. Lowry had 20. Serge and Norm both had 19. Fred and OG both had 13.

If those numbers aren’t terrifyingly awesome, I don’t know what is.

And then there’re the last few games they’ve played since the regular season started. 130-122 vs New Orleans. 108-84 vs Chicago. 104-95 vs Orlando. (We’re not going to talk about the Boston game.) Obviously, we Raps fans already knew that they’re incredible, but this season is starting off with a serious bang. And we love it!

The Raps won their first six games in a row last season and then had another six games streak after one loss to Milwaukee. It looks like the boys of the 6 are really into beginning their seasons on a super positive note! We can get used to season openings like this! It could be Nurse’s influence, or (more likely) the fact that the boys are gelling like nobody’s business and working their tushies off to be the best they’ve ever been. Last season’s excellence, plus an offseason of training, and pre-season hustling equals… making history. Again.

On a different note… another thing that is incredible is the new court design and retro uniforms we saw during the Pistons game the other day. Hello, dino! It brings us back to the good old days of the first Toy Story movie, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men singing “One Sweet Day,” and the Macarena dance – oh, the Macarena! For Christmas this year I’d like to have one of the new retro dino jerseys so I can wear it as I dance a celebratory Macarena when the Raps win their Christmas Day game. What a truly happy holiday that will be!

For now, though, it’s still Halloween. And there isn’t anything scarier than thinking about how the Raps are going to dominate this season. Look out!

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Image Source: USA Today

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