Buzz Bulletin: Sad Baker Mayfield Gets Savagely Memed

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: November 7, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Buzz Bulletin! Here’s the tea.

Sad Baker Mayfield Gets The Meme Treatment

Baker Mayfield did not have a great weekend, you guys.

After arriving at Mile High sporting some scruff, Baker shaved his beard into a Fu Manchu for game time. The move was inspired partly by charity (the quarterback staff is participating in Movember together), and partly by the fact that Mayfield had never suffered a loss while wearing the Hogan-esque lip decor.

However, losing 24-19 to the Broncos put a damper on Mayfield’s new look. Baker showed up to the post game presser with a shorter, bushier mustache. A mustache of shame.

sad baker mayfield
Sad Baker Mayfield is sad. (Photo: SBNation)

“I was undefeated before Sunday with the handlebar mustache,” said Mayfield. “I shaved it off because I didn’t deserve it.”

Especially given the fact that Mayfield’s ultra-flashy GQ feature was published just a few months ago, Twitter wasn’t about to let the new look go unroasted.

Even Macaulay Culkin couldn’t resist weighing in on Sad Baker Mayfield’s resemblance to a certain Wet/Sticky Bandit.

Big oof.

The Washington Nationals Partied Like Champions

Remember when Alex Ovechkin and the Caps won the Stanley Cup and went absolutely apesh*t all over Washington, DC? This weekend, it was the Nats’ turn.

A group of players from the Nationals were in attendance at Sunday night’s Capitals game, where they carried on the celebration that had been raging since Saturday’s victory parade.

They chugged beer through their jerseys.

They tore off their shirts while riding the zamboni.

They drank a whole lot of beer and generally appeared to have a really great evening.

Pro athletes do just about everything with more intensity than the average Joe, and partying appears to be no exception for this group.

Worth Watching: Monday Night Football Cat

Everybody’s still talking about this fuzzy intruder who stole the show on Monday Night Football this week. I absolutely cannot get enough of Football Cat.

The cat, who appeared to be supremely annoyed by the ordeal, remains at large. Apparently MetLife Stadium is home to several stray kitties who live under the bleachers, and this one just happened to scamper its way to the big time.

Live your dreams, Football Cat.

Photo credit: SBNation, NBC Sports Washington, SI

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