Reunion Alert: Kawhi And The City That Loved Him

By: Melanie P
Posted: December 11, 2019

So. Kawhi is coming back to the T Dot.

If you look up the word bittersweet in the dictionary, you’ll see this event listed as the definition.

I’m not going to go into a whole saga about how we loved and lost him, how he gave us the world and then gracefully bowed out. It’s all been said before, many times, so I won’t repeat it.

Instead, let’s talk about how things are going to go down at the Scotiabank Arena.

There’s going to be a big, fancy pre-game ceremony where our beloved Fun Guy will be given the championship ring he more than earned last season. According to CBC, Nick Nurse expects that Toronto will give Kawhi an impressive ovation, and he’s probably right. We gave the Raps a roaring welcome when they first came back onto the court in October, so it stands to reason that we’d welcome Kawhi back in the same fashion. WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU AND SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DIIIIIIIID!

That’s how I anticipate we will feel as fans. But how will The Claw feel? How will he react? I’d like to see what’s going on in his head.

Don’t you think it would feel weird to be given a highly valued, uber symbolic mini-trophy in honor of the victory you won with a group of men you were super close with, in a city (and country!) full of fans who adore you… and then play a game AGAINST that same team? Obviously I’m not a seasoned athlete like Kawhi, and I sure don’t have the same kind of mindset he has when it comes to playing the game that is his whole life, but man oh man, this seems like it would be an awfully hard game to play! Maybe it’s my emotional side, my feminine sensibilities showing, but I sure can’t imagine how it would feel to be honored like that and then turn around and be The Opposition. Sheesh.

All of this to say: be prepared. It’s going to be an emotional night. Our Raps broke their 3-game losing streak when they shut down the Bulls the other night, and they’re no doubt chomping at the bit to give it to the Clippers after losing to them back in November. Marc Gasol claims that the boys from the 6 will be all business, and I hope they are! We need to win!

But… oh, Kawhi. We miss you.


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