NFL Week 16 – What to Watch

Posted: December 19, 2019

Here are the four must watch games for this week, NFL Week 16.

Bills at Patriots: Saturday, 12.21 4:30 pm ET.

It’s a week sixteen showdown in the AFC East with the division on the line.  No. Really.

What to watch for:  Buffalo is getting precious little respect despite allowing the third-fewest yards and points per game.  Josh Allen has been inconsistent, but he’s athletic and has a cannon for an arm. I tell you all of this to prepare you for the very real possibility that Buffalo could win on Saturday.  Tom Brady has been very limited in practice. Much more so than the team would like to admit. Short rest plus a lingering injury is never, ever good.  

Bengals at Dolphins: Sunday, 12.22 1:00 pm ET. 

This timeslot is kind of a void.  You could watch New Orleans blow up Tennessee.  You could watch Baltimore embarrass Cleveland. Watch this craziness instead.

What to watch for:  First off, these are the two worst uniforms in the league.  That weird too-orange orange tiger stripe versus the aqua and orange combo that hasn’t made any sense since the seventies.  Secondly, these two team boast the two worst point differentials in the league. They are a combined -342, but yet one team will win.  Probably. There’s always the chance that they could end the game in a -10 to -10 tie.  

Cowboys at Eagles: Sunday 12.22 4:25 pm ET. 

NFC East on the line…also, one team will be above .500.  (Crosses fingers)

What to watch for: It’s not right, but one of these teams gets to host a playoff game.  So essentially what we’re looking at here is two teams fighting tooth and nail to get blown out by San Francisco in prime time.  It’s an honor, really.   

Packers at Vikings, Monday, 12.23 8:15 pm ET. 

Monday Night Football with high stakes.  The NFC North in on the line with two teams that will both make the playoffs.  Think of it like Cowboys Eagles, only…you know…good.  

What to watch for:  Aaron Rodgers staying nimble against that Vikings front.  He’ll need to move side to side and extend plays to keep the chains moving.  If the Vikings get him into third and long regularly, expect to see some fireworks.  Minnesota is quietly a really good team, and I’m only a week or two away from needing to issue the Kirk Cousins mea culpa that’s been building all season.  If he wins this one, it will happen in next week’s “10 Things”.

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