Raptors Recap – It’s Gonna Be A Good Year!

By: Melanie P
Posted: January 11, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything and man, there has been a LOT going on.

Did you watch December 22’s game against the Mavericks? The Raptors were down 30 points in the third.

Thirty points. THIRTY POINTS! But thanks to some incredible heart and hustle from K Low and the boys, we triumphed over Dallas 110-107. It was magical. Like something out of a cheesy sports movie – just when you thought the team was defeated, they found their second wind and showed us how victory is won!

We’ve seen some surprise performances this year from a few of the Raptors’ newbies, but Wednesday night’s game against the Hornets. Terence Davis gave a stellar performance and raked in 23 points – a career-best for the 22-year-old from Mississippi. And this was after Nick Nurse had called Davis out for his poor performance in the past few games. Way to step it up!

My mom’s favorite point guard, Fred VanVleet, tapped out of last Saturday’s game against the Nets with two minutes left in the game. It was announced that he has a hamstring injury, which means that Siakam, Gasol, Powell, and VanVleet were all MIA for the match against the Portland Trail Blazers. That’s a lot of big names. Good thing we have those rookies to lean on, those diamonds in the rough. But still. Hurry back please, Fred!

So, yeah, the Raptors have been hit with a ton of frustrating injuries lately. But! While many of our favourite headliners were sitting out, Matt Thomas made a glorious comeback after missing an insane 21 games. I mean, the 18 points he shot in his return game isn’t earth-shattering or anything, but I consider it pretty awesome for someone who hadn’t seen any real action in 44 days. He also played a crazy 34 minutes during that game; which he claims he hasn’t done since college. When you add those two facts together, I’d say Raps fans can be pretty damn proud of Thomas.

As it stands now, the Toronto Raptors rank fourth in the Eastern Conference. Last year around this time they were number one, but they also didn’t have to deal with the crazy injuries that have plagued the boys of the 6 these past few months. I’m okay with fourth.

All in all, despite injuries, losses, and other setbacks, our boys have done pretty well. I’d say this new year is shaping up to be pretty damn fantastic.

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Image Source: AP Images

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