Buzz Bulletin: The Astros’ Sign-Stealing Apology Falls Horribly Flat

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: February 14, 2020

The Astros offered an apology for the sign-stealing scandal, but viewers weren’t convinced of its authenticity.

If you didn’t catch the Astros’ sign-stealing press conference yesterday, you didn’t miss much. Team owner Jim Crane spent 27 minutes serving up a lackluster apology that bordered on straight-up insolence, adding more fuel to the fire that is the team’s current PR situation.

According to Crane, the sign-stealing scheme didn’t actually have an effect on the outcome of the 2017 season. You know, the season that culminated in the Astros’ first-ever World Series title.

Crane gave off the distinct impression that he was sorry not for essentially stealing a World Series, but for getting caught.

In short, the entire press conference was a dumpster fire from start to finish.

Crane couldn’t decide whether or not sign-stealing gave his team (which, again, won the championship that year) an advantage over the competition.

Twitter was quick to drag Crane, along with key players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve (who was, incidentally, crowned MVP in 2017), for the shockingly weak apology attempts.

(The next one contains an F-bomb but was too good to pass up, so don’t blast the volume at work.)

Quite understandably, Los Angeles-based KTLA pulled no punches when airing the press conference.

It’s safe to say that Astros hitters are going to find themselves on the business end of a lot of beanballs this season.

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